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In speed selection the driver must consider, in addition to the speed limit established for the respective section of road, also weather and road conditions, traffic density, the peculiarities and condition of the vehicle and the load, visibility both along the road and to the sides, including change of visibility at dipping, relief of the landscape and his own driving experience.
Driving is permitted:

1. in residential areas at speeds up to 20 km/h
2. in built-up areas up to 50 km/h
3. outside built-up areas up to 90 km/h

Driving all the year, 24 hours lights on! Driving in daylight hours dipped headlights or daytime driving lights must be switched on. During the dark time the main beam or the headlights must be switched on.

Permitted alcohol concentration in blood is up to 0,2 per milles.


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