Region: Saaremaa   Light ordinates: 58.544783 N, 23.443033 E
Light running: night   Light characteristics: Fl W/R 8s
Light height from ground: 11m   Light height from sea: 15m
Light visibility: 9M   Built, year: 1857


Viirelaid (German: Paternoster) is a small island in the Baltic Sea belonging to the country of Estonia. Viirelaid lies southeast of the island of Muhu. On the island is a steel lighthouse called the Viirelaiu lighthouse, built in 1882 and renovated in 2004. Originally built in 1857 of timber, the structure is an 11-metre-high tower.

The lighthouse is located on the northeastern tip of Viirelaid. The lighthouse is 11 meters tall, a cylindrical metal tower, with a red top. This was the first metal lighthouse in Estonia. It was built in 1857 according to plans provided by the British engineer, Gordon. The first light cast by the lighthouse came from two Morrist - type petroleum lamps. In 1898 light was provided by acetalyne gas lamps.

Today, the lighthouse casts its beam thanks to sun batteries.



Information: Estonian Lighthouse Society


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