Region: Saaremaa   Light ordinates: 58.379333 N, 23.087833 E
Light running:     Light characteristics:  
Light height from ground:     Light height from sea:  
Light visibility: M   Built, year: 1907


The beautiful brick lighthouse together with its outbuildings (keeper’s house, staff house, sauna, storage hut, paraffin store, cellar, well) was built in 1907.

The author of the design is generally considered to be the notable military engineer Alexander Yaron who at that time was engaged in lighthouse construction.

During World War I, however, it became clear that the chosen location of the lighthouse was insufficient. Thus, in 1916 its apparatus was dismantled and relocated to a wooden lighthouse at Kübassaare.

Today, the outbuildings remain in ruins as most of them were demolished already in the 1920s due to the lack of building material.

Although the lighthouse has lost its initial function, it is valued as a remarkable piece of architecture with fine dolomite detailing and listed as an architectural monument.


Info: Estonian Lighthouse Society


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