In Saaremaa, you can enjoy fishing on rivers, lakes and at sea. Fishing offers a great pastime and a chance to enjoy the privacy of the wilderness. The best rivers or lakes suitable for fishing are located in the middle of picturesque and indigenous natural landscapes.

Fishing can be successfully coupled with family holidays - enjoy boat trips and water attractions, and relax in the tourist farms. The fish is caught year after year - the best time for this is spring and summer. If you do not bite the package, be sure to also try ice cream in winter.

The main fish that you can catch from the rivers and lakes of Saaremaa are sea trout, pike, perch, horn, shark, eel and flounder and locus. It is a pleasure to fish on the small forest lakes.

The northern coast of Saaremaa, with larger depths and colder water, is a great place to catch red fish and flounder. The southern coast is, however, lower and there is more to be a predator. Spring meadows are mainly the Nasva River spring. Mullutu-Suurlaht and Karujärv are known fishing places for predators, and can also catch a canopy. There are also almost all major cancers in the water.


Distribution of recreational fishing in Estonia

Depending on the gear used, there is a distinction between fishing and recreational fishing.
In its turn, recreational fishing is divided into two - under the law of recreational fishing and fishing on the basis of a fishing card.

Thus, recreational fishing in Estonia can be divided into three:
  1. Fishing for plaice is a simple free-rider fishing, which is a free-for-all fishing license, and fishing is permitted for angler fish in public and public waters.
  2. Under the recreational fishing licence, more than one simple handicap or other sporting gear may be fished. The recreational fishery gives the right to fish up to three gears of the same or different types, which may include: more than one simple handmade, handwriting, spinning, liquid, sycotti, flying yoke, northern ring (tonka, plot), und, whalebone, harpoon and harpoon.
  3. The fishing card is needed for fishing with the gill net and line, fishing line with fishing gear and livestock, spinning and flying fishing in salmon and sea trout seagrass, spinning and flying fishing in Järvamaa, Jõgevamaa and Lääne-Virumaa in certain trout seagrass, fishing with underwater fishing gears Saadjärvel and Kuremaa, and fishing in Silma and Endla Nature Conservation Areas and Matsalu National Park. Fishing data must be provided on the basis of the fishing card.




Fish farms: