Elle Meier is a girl from Kaarme Jõe village who, after completing her GP, continued her studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Tallinn Pedagogical University, where she studied biology, geography and physics. When the diploma was received, the girl went on to study at the University of Tartu for a year and from there she got a Master's degree in herbal science.

But he also works as a teacher in a small Christian school in Tartu.

This year Elle Meier was awarded a scholarship called Luce by the Union of Saaremaa Municipality.

"It was first given to me for good academic results," she thinks, "but after all, I've done some research on the nature of Saaremaa, especially on wooded meadows, and I have also gathered data on the nature of the island of Hiiumaa and Vormsi."

Grown in the middle of nature

"I got interested in nature with my childhood home," says Elle.
"I have grown up in the middle of nature, beautiful home surroundings, forests, flower-rich meadows and grasses, species-rich pastures - every season has its own charm."

Elle did not go to kindergarten and was small with her grandmother at home. Then it was time to get close to home and explore what's growing here. But neither did the grandmother soon give her a lot of room to move around - her first job duties also came.

"I liked every job, and especially I was delighted that I could help my grandmother," Elle recalls her childhood years. "Even now, I like to crowd the penis, I got the cows 'milking early, feeding the cows' grass, surrendering - all these everyday activities in rural life were clear before school."

Since there were three sisters in the Meier family, the work was divided and the corresponding chart was put on the wall.
"There was no such idea that someone should pay us for this work - the greatest joy was still when one job was done properly." Occasionally, he was so diligent that he had no way to eat. ”

The girl's school path, a 2-km-long narrow forest trail, often offered a lot of eye-catching and exciting encounters - somebody is singing a mysterious bird right now; "Often I went this way alone, and then I put more attention to my surroundings."

Nature attracts the most

When the nurses were already up and running, they often talked to each other about what to go to study. Beside the usual jobs in the countryside such as a dairy, a hairdresser, a shop assistant, etc., Elele felt the school teacher's job the most pleasing, but what did she start to do as a teacher? At school he sat well, at least in his own opinion, in mathematics and physics.

All the more so that mathematics teachers Aime Pihel and Aima Siil and physics teacher Indrek Peil were able to offer their subjects interestingly. And so Elle went on to study mathematics at the Pedagogical University, hoping to learn science from there. In practice, however, learning from this other subject was not particularly well received, and quite soon there was an urgent desire to switch to natural sciences, as nature attracts more. Since one place is now being released in science, the situation was solved.

By now Elle has already reached the University of Tartu and applies for a Master's degree in natural sciences.

The main activity of each student is, of course, learning. Life is expensive, but students' incomes are small and they are trying to cope. Student loans are taken and many have found a suitable job. But those who study nature are often involved in a variety of fieldwork, cleaning up meadows, etc.

I want to know all the names by name

"The desire to get to know the plants was probably already when I was throwing up weeds in the childhood," Elle thinks, "as it was of interest and somehow exciting to find out what is growing there." to study, observe and compare a lot of literature. Along with the growth of knowledge, interest in the subject is constantly increasing and soon Elle set itself the goal of learning about all the plants in the home. But his exploration trips have always expanded and today Elle can confirm that almost all of Estonia's plants have become familiar to her. Rarely do you encounter plants you don't know or have seen before. Of course, every botanist will have the greatest pleasure when it comes to finding rare plant species.

Saaremaa has been thoroughly studied, and Luce has already said that the land here is so sacred that in summer, grass and meadows can only be barefooted, so as not to tear off rare plants.
"I have read Luce's writings and my thoughts still seem very topical and close to me," says Elle.

There are many pawns in the sphere of Kaarma, such as the goddess, the fly, the two-leafed and the green tongue, the broadleaf and the dark red, the waist-eyebrow, the custom curve. Spring is formed by a plant species of the 2nd category of protection - god pin - in the home pasture, even in the northern part of the home, there are protected forest-apple trees, some of which are already old. There is also a European fork, kink-heather, lawn-moss, heart-beetle, hairy St. John's wort. Though these plant species are not protected, they are not funny everywhere.
"I went around for years and didn't notice those rare plants in my home, but when I learned to know them, I found them close to home."

There are lots of white blue flowers at grazing at Elle's home, not the real albinos, but a little pinkish complexion. Every spring, when there is a blueberry season, Elle rushes home to take a moment to look at her white blue flowers and enjoy the spring.

Sad when land goes to foreigners

"If there is no pleasant and rewarding job for young people on the spot, then they will not get rid of jokingly from high school to the home island," Elle contemplates. Of course, she likes to deal with nature the most, or to be a teacher somewhere in a smaller school, although there may be big problems in a small school. But as a great naturalist, it is always possible to work as a guide or as a tutor on the trails somewhere. Unless it is sad that many rural homes in the home country are empty and eaten. There is no good thing about selling land to foreigners.

"If everything from the side starts to tear down what one builds, then no one will get out of it soon," Elle concludes with a bit of allegorical thought.


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