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Kuressaare Airport website: www.kuressaare-airport.ee

In Saare county there is another airport at island Ruhnu a Ruhnu Airport.

Historically there has been several airfields over time at Saaremaa.

• Kuressaare
• Aste
• Kogula,
• Papisaare
• Sääre
• Ruhnu

All of that airfields have been established as military
erection and some are famous from history.

Nowadays Kuressaare and Ruhnu, these airports are managed by the AS Kuressaare Airport . There is a regular route to Tallinn and route to Ruhnu island at winter season, when ferries doesn't carry.

The speed of development of Saaremaa is related directly to possibilities of travel and logistics of goods. And that means we do need even more openness and direct connections. As Saaremaa has a really big potential for developing tourism industry here, it's likely to we have more flying routs in future.  The international community of small private plane owners have discovered Saaremaa already and there are many of them visiting Kuressaare and Saaremaa by their own plane and route.

Border Guard Aviation Group cordon and helicopter hangar

In neighborhood of Kuressaare Airport there is a Border Guard Aviation Group cordon and helicopter hangar built in 2013. Here will be based on one of three Estonian Border Guard helicopter " AgustaWestland 139 ".
Having the special helicopter at hand is the best option, as the most effective means of rescue at sea and at the event of disasters or natural disasters. And as a seaside country Estonia's international obligation is to be ready to participate in or support international rescue operations.

Aste and Kogula airfields are basically a historical value, but the possibilities ( the old flight trails ) may be needed to promote aviation, glider, a small aircraft about the club or in the interests of private flying. 
For Saaremaa the rise of attractiveness for aero gliders and small aircraft owners can be predicted and that that  increases interest in the possibilities of our airports.


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