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Region: Saaremaa Light ordinates: 57.9822 N, 22.195333 E
Light running: night Light characteristics: Fl W 2.5s
Light height from ground: 15m Light height from sea: 20m
Light visibility: 6M Built, year: 1954


The Kaavi lighthouse is located on  island Saaremaa, on the Sõrve peninsula on the southeast coast of the Gulf of Riga.

In 1954 the concrete lighthouse in height 15 meters was established. It was red from above and below and white in the middle. The light height was 20 m over the sea, visibility 9 miles, light characteristic: Fl W 2,5; 1,0 + 1,5 = 2,5 s.

Since 1966 the lighthouse visibility was 6 miles. In 1994 the lighthouse was repaired.

Today the lighthouse is too low, because of the forest around it, and  it must be modernized and built higher.




Information: Estonian Lighthouse Society www.etts.ee


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