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The support systems to entrepreneurship
The Republic of Estonia has been noted for its quick and successful economic development. One of the most important guarantees to the process is the state contribution to developing the respective infrastructure and creating the legislative basis, required for developing entrepreneurship.

One of the supportive measures is the tax exemption for investments made for the development of a company. Another measure is the state support system that is being continuously developed.

The Estonian Regional Development Fund is the agency that mediates the measures of the support system to the Business Support Centres in the counties. The Saaremaa Business Support Centre, located in Kuressaare, performs the partner obligations of the state by servicing the target group companies as well as performing other activities including:

  • informing businesses of the measures of the support systems to entrepreneurship;
  • disseminating information on the services provided by other entrepreneurship supporting funds and foundations;
  • providing free consultations to businesses in their starting phase;
  • introducing the consultants from the support system to the users;
  • providing the starting businesses with a package of the related materials

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