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Saaremaa has a lot of different cool places to stay!
Kuressaare is the SPA hotel capital of Estonia and likely is the world leader in number of SPA's per capita. There are medical SPA's and welness SPA's for every taste, that are famous at home and abroad.

We have  at Saaremaa nine SPA's ( seven at Kuressaare) and  hundreds of tourist farms and guethouses, and much more.
There are
about 4500 beds in accommodation establishments, of whom about 2000 at Kuressaare.
In our nine SPA Hotel
there are in total of about 1230 beds.


Accommodation at Saaremaa

and price class:

A - from 7 euros
B - 16 - 35 euros
C - 35 to 51
D - 51 to 77
E - more than 77 euro
* - the whole house
** - Week


Ain Koppeli Tohvri Talu

Kahutsi küla, Pöide vald, Saaremaa
tel: (+372) 527 4021, (+372) 454 5214

Places: 10+8
Price class: B
Additional Information: Open: May - October

Kaldu Puhkemaja

Kakuna küla, Pöide vald, Saaremaa
tel: 5656 8683

Places: 12
Price class: F*


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