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The Town Park

The town park   The town park was set up around the castle in 1861. By now its territory has grown to 17 hectars. In 1920 - ies the main attention was payed to the restauration work after World War I. New rare tree species were ordered from Tartu University and planted in 1930 - ies. There are now about 80 species of trees (grey walnut, silver poplar, common maple, bigleaf common beech, etc.) and bushes growing in the park.
At the corner of Lossi and Kitzbergi Streets you can see the oldest and highest pyramid elm trees in Estonia. Between 11 and 13 Kauba Str. there is a black pine with a beautiful crown. Near 1 Raekoja Str. there is a false acatia (height - 13 m, perimeter - 1.16 m).

  Kuressaare lost its importance as a health resort after World War II . The buildings in the park were no longer used and decayed.
In 1980 - ies, once again, attention was payed to the historical districts of the town. The park was reconstructed (architects T. Made and A. Kama). The restored Resort Club (Kurhouse) and the bandstand were opened in 1988.

  The restauration of the park is continuing. Restauration of the moat and the walls surrounding the castle are in process. Surely the park is one of the most favourite places with holidaymakers in Kuressaare.


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