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The Weighhouse

3 Tallinna Street
The Weighhouse stands at the central square, just opposite the Town Hall. The Weighhouse was built in 1666 to keep the public scales in there, while the central square served as the market place. This is the only building of that type having survived in Estonia. The main magic of the small two - storey limestone building lies in the strict symmetry and the scaled gable, decorating the facade. The Weighhouse was prolonged by a single - storeyed building in the 18th century, probably for the stables. The building has had numerous functions throughout the centuries. At the turn of the 18th century it accommodated the Town Guard, at the turn of the 19th the Town Post Station. The initial facade was restored in 1980 - 1982, architect L. Hansar, historian A.- M. Hallik. At the present time there is a bar Vaekoja Pub in the Weighhouse.


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