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The House of the Law Court

19 Tallinna Street
  The Early Classicist Style building of the Law Court was in architectural sense one of the most outstanding houses in Livonia. It was designed to serve as a law court, police station and prison in 1786 by the architect von Richter, built in 1789 - 1790 under supervision of the former chief of the engineer detachment in Riga Johann Fr. Oettinger. The facade of the house has been proportionally devided by 14 pilasters and windows which alternate in steady rythm. There is a protrusion in the central part of the facade marked with the Early Classicist decorations. It supports a pediment in the form of steps decorated with garlands. The windows have got the dolomite frames.
  The house has been rebuilt several times. After World War II there were only the walls left, and the building was restored for the needs of the Soviet Army. Nowadays the building houses the Customs Office and the Headquarters of the Border Guards of Saaremaa. The facade of the house was restored in 1998, the paint-covered dolomite details were cleaned.


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