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  • Where is the camera located?

The camera is located in the center of Kuressaare, on the roof of the highest building in the town – at the height of 45 meters (148 ft.)

  • Why can’t I see anything?

Most likely your computer does not have the Java script needed for viewing the picture. You can download the script from ……..

  • Is it safe to download the Java script? Can it infect the computer with a computer virus?

To avoid computer viruses a virus protection program should be installed into your computer. While downloading the Java Script keep in mind to download from a recognized service provider.

  • How can I control the camera myself?

To get control of the camera click on the “start control” button on the bottom right corner of the picture screen. After that a countdown will start on the top of the “start control” button, which will show the time remaining before you get control of the camera. Once you have the control the background of the clock will turn green.

  • How can I move the camera myself?

You can move the camera horizontally and vertically by moving the scroll bars on the bottom and on the right of the picture screen. To zoom in on an object move the scroll bar on the right of the picture screen (marked with a single tree and three trees on different ends).

  • Why can’t I control the camera anymore?

Probably your time for controlling the camera is over. Check that there is a clock on a green background on the right bottom corner of the picture screen. In case the clock is not on a green background click again on “start control” to get control of the camera.

  • Why is the time for controlling the camera limited?

As the camera is quite popular and used a lot we want to offer everybody a chance to control the camera. Hopefully 2 minutes is enough to find an interesting object.

  • How many people and from which countries use the camera?

The statistics of the camera usage can be seen from the “statistika” link on the same page.

  • Why is the picture of the camera shaking?

The picture will start shaking more after zooming on to an object. As the camera is 45-meters above the ground the wind will affect the stability of the camera. The picture shakes depending on the weather.

  • Where can I find more information about Kuressaare and Saaremaa?

You can find more information from the following web-pages:


http://www.kuressaare.ee/uus/ - the town of Kuressaare

http://visitsaaremaa.ee - activities on Saaremaa

http://www.visitestonia.com/ - information and accommodation in Estonia


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