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The FREE WiFI is  intended for people, who need Internet temporarily in Kuressaare (and it works on some more places too).


At a moment there is covered most of Kuressaare and some places on Saaremaa. The list of hotspots is supplemented continously.

A user should turn on his(her) WiFi device and connect to network with name or SSID "tt-wifi". To make connection simpler there are WEP and other WiFi security measures turned off. After getting successful connection, the user WiFi device will get IP address and name servers settings etc. automatically. Then you can get a notice that connection is set up. If you try to open any web page you will be redirected to http://login.wifi.tt.ee and asked to "log in".

To "log in" user needs to activate his/her password. For that user should call to (+372) 4520222. The answering machine picks up and activates as password the last four digits of phone number you called from. ( You cant use service with hidden phone numbers.) If successful, answering machine is reading to you a password and hangs up. There is no extra cost for that call and your telecom provider will charge you at normal rate for Estonia. The activation phone number will be archived to track a user, for case of abuse or similar misuse.

When you get password successfully activated, insert it within one hour and log in. Now you are connected to internet and can receive e-mails and surf etc. Activation is valid for use 4 hours of internet connection within 24h. The user interface is in estonian and in english and there is interface for PDA's and mobile phones with small screen.

The speed of free connection is limited to 256Kb/s and there can be no more than 200 simultaneous connections opened. If that limit is exeeded, the connection will be terminated, MAC address will be blocked for some time for free WiFi.
The connection has all incoming TCP ports closed, to send e-mail you need to use mail.tt.ee as outgoing mail server. You can see parameters of connection in real time from http://login.wifi.tt.ee and time left. You can log out from that page too.


Due making a getting of connection simpler, there are turned off all WiFi security measures! Probably there is some with enough skill to listen to your connection and catch non secured passwords etc. We strongly recommend to use VPN or other secure channels on that free WiFi connection or not send any sensitive information openly.


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