Piretikivi (Piret's rock)

Piret's rock is located on the Kuressare - Laimjala road, at the 35 kilometer mark, on the left hand side of the road.

Legend tells us that Piret, who was the wife of Suur Tõll (Big Tõll, Saaremaa's legendary hero) was carrying rocks in her apron to build a sauna in Audla. One rock was just too big, Piret's apron strings broke and the rock fell on her big toe. From pain and frustration, Piret started to cry. Her tears formed the surrounding bog, which to this day is names Naistesoo, or Women's Bog.

Piret's rock measures 6.1 meters long, by 5.8 meters wide by 3.8 meters high. Its diameters is 17.9 meters.