Pilguse manor

Pilguse is located on the Lümanda - Sääre road, towards Karala. The present building dates to the second half of the 18th century. Later addition of a second story and reconfiguration of the windows have left little to remind us of the original building.

The manor has maintained its park that dates to the 18th century, complete with allés and plazas. The park is surrounded by low stone walls, with stylish gates. During the years when the manor was a long-term hospital, the grounds were very well maintained.

Pilguse manor is most important because it belonged to the family of Fabian G.B. von Bellinghausen, the discoverer of Antarctica and explorer of the Pacific ocean. Bellinghausen was born on Saaremaa and spent his youth here before joining the Imperial Russian navy and going on to fame and fortune on his ship Vostok.

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