The real estate market Prindi

The real estate market

The real estate market has clearly developed during the 7-8 past years. The development has been most rapid in Saaremaa County. By the summer of 1999, 25% of the land area in Saaremaa had been returned to its former owners or privatised, 75% is still state-owned.

Together with the market development, a number of Real Estate Agencies have come into action. Many of them offer services related to sale and purchase, assessment, management and development.

The best-developed sector in the real estate market is the market for flats. In Kuressaare the price of the majority of transactions is 1000 - 2000 EEK/m².

The market for dwelling houses and summerhouses is stabilising. The most expensive houses are in Kuressaare and places of beauty near seaside areas. Still, the price of a rather new house hardly equals its construction costs. The price of most transactions is 1000-4000 EEK/m².

Saaremaa real estate companys:

  • Arandix OÜ
  • AS Arco Vara Kinnisvarabüroo
  • Kulla Kinnisvara
  • Saare Kinnisvara
  • AS Vestman Kinnisvara