48th Saaremaa Rally 09.–10. October 2015

Winners 2014

Silveston 47. Saaremaa Rally 2014 winners Timmu Kõrge and Erki Pints
(Photo: Ray Põder)


48th Saaremaa Rally 201509.–10. October, Saaremaa, Estonia
Silveston Saaremaa Rally will be run in gravel roads of western- and middle parts of the island. Spectators have to buy tickets for all special stages . Rally pass (bandwrist) gives access to stages on both rally days. It can be bought for 13 euros. A ticket for a single stage costs 5 euros. Access to special stages is free for children under the age of 14 years. Rally shop will open 07. october in Saare Selver. Rally Shop provides rally-related souvenirs and accessories. Saaremaa Rally pens, T-shirts, hats and coffecups can be bought from Rally Shop. Rally magazine is published with the magazine Autoleht and is available on newspaper sale points.


01. September
- Publication of Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form

02. October

- Closing Date for Entries

08.-09. October

- Reconnaissance
- Administrative Checks
- Technical Scrutineering

09. October

- Day 1
- Rally Start from Kuressaare Town Center

10. October

- Day 2
- Rally Finish and Prize-giving in Kuressaare Town Center

- Overall mileage ~ 455 km

- 10 Special stages mileage ~112 km, on gravel

Saaremaa Ralli MTÜ

Saaremaa Rally 2015